Come on in and make yourself at home at the Cotton Mill Café with our variety of ice cream flavors

We at The Cotton Mill Café are known for our excellent ice cream and great food. Started by George Gikas and his wife, Charity, the Café was initially a novelty ice cream parlor that created different flavors of our award-winning ice cream from Gifford's.

Now, the Café has grown to a family restaurant, and we have plenty of fresh, healthy Mediterranean food and American cuisine dedicated to your palate. But we still show a particular preference for our world-class ice cream. You can feel extra-good about the variety of handmade ice cream flavors you can choose from at our dessert restaurant. Check out below for what makes us the top choice ice cream shop at Beverly.

Variety of Ice Cream Flavors at Cotton Mill Cafe

Ice Cream Flavors

Our Cotton Mill Café handmade ice cream is delicious with an excellent selection of flavors. It comes in various gluten-free flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sherbert/sorbet. Some of our favorite flavors include:

- Black raspberry
- Campfire s'mores
- Chocolate
- Camp coffee
- Cotton candy
- Chocolate chip cookie dough
- I scream for cake
- Green tea
- Maine black bear
- Maine wild blueberry
- Maple walnut
- Mint chocolate chip
- Mississippi mud pie
- Old fashioned vanilla
- Peanut butter pie
- Strawberry cheesecake
- Strawberry
- Unicorn delight

Ice Cream Specials

The Lickety-Split

This individual banana split is a specialty at the Cotton Mill Cafe. It consists of three scoops of our delicious world-class Gifford's ice cream, topped off with pineapple, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, nuts, and two scoops of our banana gelato.

Ice cream-filled muffins

Now you can have ice cream for breakfast in the form of pies and muffins. By combining our delicious blueberry muffin with our main blueberry ice cream topped off with just enough whip cream, we present our ice cream-filled muffin.


Our frappes are an interesting way to have our amazing Gifford's ice cream and a much-needed energy boost at the same time. They include the Southern peach red bull float, strawberry red bull float, and blueberry red bull float.


We present our dairy-free ice cream flavor options for our lactose-intolerant customers or those looking to avoid animal products. You will not be able to differentiate between the vegan options and our regular.

Cones & Dishes

We serve all our beautiful flavors in convenient packaging - our gourmet waffle cones or a cup to go. Our cones have a delicious flavor, and they do not leak nor get soft. However, if you would be ordering takeout, we recommend our quality paper cups. Our solid walnut topping allows you to experience a flavor combination that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Size Options

Our cones and cups come in two sizes — small or large.

Get Your Sweet Treats At Cotton Cafe

At The Cotton Café dessert restaurant, we want a place where people could come in and relax with a delicious ice cream cone. Gradually, we have become a welcoming, family restaurant in Beverly, MA, serving comfort food to children and all kinds of people. We offer you award-winning world-class ice cream, coffee drinks, our famous frappes, flatbreads, muffins, and much more.
You can stop by anytime for any of our 25 different flavors of ice cream, sorbets, frozen yogurt, iced drinks, and dessert. We offer both delivery, curbside pickup, sit-down casual dining, outdoor seating, and takeout. And we are always open on Mondays and from Wednesdays to Sundays.

Come on to The Cotton Mill Café and experience a taste of the best ice cream in Beverly.