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On Display - Breakfast

Assorted Pastries

With so many options for every sweet tooth out there, we have breakfast pastries to satisfy any craving. 

- King size cookies
- Fresh sweet treats

Browse our selection of assorted pastries below or come in and choose one from our display case. Indulge in our assortment of pastries at The Cotton Mill Cafe today!

- Chocolate Chip Cookie $3.25
- S'mores Cookie $3.25
- Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $3.25
- Cream Cheese Brownie $2.49
- Baklava $2.49
- Cinnamon Roll $3.29
- Cranberry Orange Scone $3.29
- Layer Bar $3.25
- Raspberry Bar $3.25
- Raspberry Danish $2.25
- Gluten-Free Caramel Brownie $3.25
- Gluten-Free Lemon Bar $3.25

Chocolate Chip Cookie +$3.25S'mores Cookie +$3.25Oatmeal Raisin Cookie +$3.25Old Fashion Sugar Cookie +$3.25Cream Cheese Brownie +$2.49Baklava +$2.49Cinnamon Roll +$3.29Cranberry Orange Scone +$3.297 Layer Bar +$3.25Rasberry Bar +$3.25Rasberry Danish +$2.25Gluten Free Caramel Brownie +$3.25Gluten Free Lemon Bar +$3.25

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