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A Different Kind of Breakfast Sandwich - Breakfast

Pimp My Wich


Want it your way? Then Pimp Out your breakfast!...You choose the way you want it...Hard, soft, easy, or all mixed up. It's up to you. Choose your bread: a bagel, a soft and gentle croissant, farmhouse white bread, a bit more healthy multigrain, or cuddle all your choices up in one of our wraps. Choose your meat! Do you like it salty? Choose 3 slices of our bacon, or a nice thick slice of Ham. Or, if you like adventure, go Greek with a hard and firm Greek sausage. There is nothing better than that. Finally, choose if you want your three eggs scrambled, or over hard.

Bread options sandwich:Bagel Croissant Multigrain Bread White Bread Bulkie Roll Wrap
Egg Prep Sandwich:Scrambled Over Hard
Meat Options:Ham Bacon Locanico (Greek Sausage)