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A Different Kind of Breakfast Sandwich - Breakfast

The Custom


The Custom breakfast sandwich is the perfect way to start your day. Choose to enjoy your breakfast sandwich on a soft croissant, farmhouse white bread, or anything in-between. Choose your favorite meat and even how you'd like your eggs cooked. 

- Customized your breakfast sandwich
- Always fresh ingredients
- Only $7.49

Check out all of the options below, and visit us today at The Cotton Mill Cafe in Beverly to create your perfect breakfast sandwich!

Bread options:
- Multigrain bread 
- White bread 
- Focaccia roll 
- Wrap 
- Everything bagel 
- Onion bagel 
- Sesame bagel 
- Plain bagel 
- Cinnamon raisin bagel 
- Gluten-free bagel 
- Croissant

Egg prep options:
- Scrambled
- Over hard

Meat options:
- Ham 
- Bacon
- Chicken

Bread options sandwich:Multigrain Bread White Bread Focaccia roll Wrap Everything Bagel Sesame Bagel Plain Bagel Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Gluten Free Bagel Croissant
Egg Prep Sandwich:Scrambled Over Hard
Meat Options:Ham Bacon Chicken