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Cotton Mill Café is a family restaurant in Beverly, Massachusetts, that offers ice creams, desserts, and good eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you are looking to taste the best ice cream in Beverly or a casual dining experience for the whole family, the Cotton Mill Café is your top choice.

The dessert restaurant is in a partnership with Cisco to improve the customer service experience and protect customer data from cyber-attacks. The different partnerships The Cotton Mill Café has with Cisco include:

Cisco Wireless

Cisco Wireless delivers Wi-Fi security with better encryption for sensitive data. By deploying Cisco Wireless Wi-Fi 6 access points in their dessert restaurant, Cotton Mill Café assures customers of their interest in their data protection.

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Through this Wi-Fi and data analytics solution, Cotton Mill Café management can capture geo-location and data of customers and use it to improve their casual dining experience. They can analyze the customer data based on age and gender. The solution also provides a way for Cotton Mill Café to tell customers about specials and new menu items. By revealing customers' interests, the data solution allows Cotton Mill Café to target the right audience.

Cisco Capital

Cisco Capital offers financial solutions tailored to small- and medium-sized businesses. The solution provides a reasonable payment schedule with zero up-front costs and meager rates. This solution can aid Cotton Mill Café in funding as many technology upgrades as they need to make the Mediterranean food restaurant flourish.

Cisco Refresh

This is a Cisco program that sells Cisco's premium refurbished equipment. It allows Cotton Mill Café to obtain Cisco products at a lower price.

Cotton Mill Café is a new café experience in Beverly, MA. By partnering with Cisco, they can improve their customer experience and make the customers more at home.

Come in today for a casual dining experience at Cotton Mill Café Beverly MA